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Why We Love Photographing Other Photographers!

There's no bigger honor than when a fellow photographer trusts us to capture their newborn photos! I've always said that we're the photographers' photographer. They tend to be some of our favorite newborn sessions, and here's why...

newborn potato sack pose - iowa newborn photographer

Being a professional photographer often means spending countless hours behind the camera, framing life's moments through a lens. Yet, when photographers switch roles and become the subjects, an enlightening shift occurs in their perspective on photography. This opportunity enables photographers to immerse themselves in the vulnerability felt by those they typically capture. As a photographer, a lot of thought goes into deciding who you want to capture your own family. You know the ins and outs of composition, lighting posing, etc., and you want the best! That's why we find it to be the biggest honor when another photographer chooses us for this opportunity.

Sweet Little You Photography - newborn bucket pose

The images in this blog post were taken a couple years ago when we were hired by Melanie of Melanie Amparo Photography to travel to her studio in Tampa, Florida to photograph her newest baby, Luca. It's a huge honor to be hired by someone to travel out of state for a newborn session, let alone another newborn photographer.

table poses - iowa newborn photographer

One thing we love about photographing other photographers is that we KNOW they will understand and appreciate the art of newborn photography. Photographers are way less likely to complain (not that we get a ton of that). They just get it. They hired us for our style, not someone else's.

sleeping newborn photography - iowa

If you're a photographer who's expecting a new baby, I HIGHLY recommend hiring a newborn photographer rather than attempting your own photos. I've heard so many regret stories from other photographers in Iowa who didn't hire a someone for their newborn photos. those first few weeks go by so fast, and it's hard to get your own baby into the studio for all the photos you're dreaming of taking. Especially when you're already exhausted from adjusting to sleepless nights with a newborn. It's so worth it to hire someone else to take care of photos while you take a snooze on the studio couch.

Newborn family pose - cedar falls, IA

If you're expecting a new little one soon and would like to know more about booking a newborn session, we'd love to hear from you! Click on one of the buttons below to get started.

Newborn Macro Photography
awake newborn photos - des moines, ia


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