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Why We Love Photographing 2-3 Week Old Newborns | Sweet Little You Photography | Iowa Newborn Photographers

When it comes to newborn photography, there's this long-standing belief that the baby should be photographed within the first week. This idea has been around since posed newborn photography became popular around 15 years ago, and many photographers, including us, initially followed it. But do newborn photos really have to be taken so early? We've found that waiting until the baby is 2-3 weeks old can be even better. Here's why.

newborn baby in bum up pose - cedar falls and des moines photographer

Breaking the Mold

For a while, we thought we had to photograph babies within the first week to get those adorable, squishy poses. We believed that younger babies slept more and were more flexible. But life happens, and sometimes sessions got pushed back to 2, 3, or even 4 weeks. And guess what? The babies still slept, posed beautifully, and we captured stunning images. We started to wonder... do we actually PREFER to photograph older newborns?

Why We Prefer 2-3 Week Olds

Better Skin

  • By 2-3 weeks, babies often have clearer skin and more even complexions. Those early days of redness and splotchiness tend to settle down, making for better photos and easier editing. If they had jaundice, that has typically started to resolve itself by the 3rd week. Their circulation has improved so you don't have to worry about discoloration in limbs.

newborn potato sack pose - iowa newborn photographer

Perfect Little Fingers

  • At this age, babies usually have an easier time flattening their fingers, which makes their hands look more relaxed and less clenchy in photos.

Feeding Routine

  • Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, babies tend to have a more established routine by 2-3 weeks. This means fewer interruptions and a happier baby during the session.

Still Sleepy

  • Surprisingly, we haven't noticed much difference in sleepiness between 1-week-old and 3-week-old babies. Older newborns can be just as sleepy and cooperative. It might take longer for older babies to fall asleep initially, but once they're out, we tend to fly through the poses more quickly.

newborn mugshots - cedar falls photographer

Time to Bond and Heal

  • We believe that babies and mamas should have the first couple of weeks to bond and heal after birth. This precious time allows for recovery and connection, making the photo session more enjoyable for everyone.

Better Eye Contact

  • We love getting a few alert and awake newborn photos for variety. Babies who are 2-3 weeks old tend to have better eye contact, which makes these shots even more special.

Final Thoughts

At Sweet Little You Photography, we want to make sure we capture the best moments of your baby's early days. Our experience has shown that waiting a bit longer can lead to even better photos, and a more relaxed experience for everyone. So, if your session gets delayed a bit, don't worry – we'll still create beautiful, timeless images of your little one. Every baby is different, of course, and some might be more wakeful or gassy, but that can happen at any age.

newborn heart pose - des moines newborn photographer

newborn prop poses - cedar falls photographer

newborn parent poses - iowa newborn photographer

newborn macro photography - cedar falls

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