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What to Expect from a 6-Month Photo Session - Cedar Falls Photographer

At Sweet Little You Photography, we love capturing every stage of your baby’s development, and the 6-month milestone is one of our favorites. Babies change so much in the first six months, and it’s the perfect time to capture their emerging personalities and new skills. Here’s what you can expect from a 6-month photo session with us, your trusted Cedar Falls Photographer.

6 month photos - cedar falls photographer

Milestone Photo Package Options

We offer various milestone photo packages that include a 6-month session. These sessions are incredibly popular because your baby has changed so much since their newborn photos. From new expressions to developing motor skills, there’s so much to document at this age.

Posing Flexibility

At 6 months, some babies are sitting up on their own, while others might not be there yet—and that’s totally okay! We have plenty of poses to showcase whatever milestones your baby is hitting. If you'd prefer to wait until your baby is sitting unassisted, we can easily push back the session. We also have creative solutions to help your baby sit, like placing them inside one of our signature monochromatic boxes, which makes for adorable photos.

6 month portraits - cedar falls photographer

Setup and Outfit Selection

Expect 2-3 different setups or outfits during your session. You don’t need to bring anything! Based on the style preferences you provide in the pre-session questionnaire, we’ll prepare a selection of outfits for you to choose from. We recommend picking your favorite first, as not all babies can handle three outfit changes. We’ll also select backdrops that complement the outfits you choose, ensuring a cohesive and beautiful final gallery.

Capturing Different Expressions

While everyone loves smiley baby photos, it’s important to set realistic expectations. Even if your baby is usually very smiley, they might be a bit overwhelmed by the new environment of the studio. It’s common for us to capture a range of expressions, from serious faces to the occasional tears. Remember, grumpy faces can be just as adorable and truly capture your baby’s personality at this stage.

6 month old in box - cedar falls photographer

Mobility Milestones

Some babies start to crawl or even pull up on things at 6 months, although it’s rare. If your baby is showing these advanced motor skills, we’re ready to capture those exciting moments too. Every baby develops at their own pace, and our sessions are tailored to showcase their unique milestones.

6 month baby photos - cedar falls

Ready to Book?

If you’re interested in learning more or booking a milestone session for your baby, click one of the buttons below! We can’t wait to capture these precious moments for you and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Choose Sweet Little You Photography, your trusted Cedar Falls Photographer, for capturing the perfect moments of your baby's growth.

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Unknown member
May 30

These are so darn cute! It's crazy how much babies change in the first year ❤️

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